Local Government

Mooresville’s form of government is the Mayor-Council Government found in most Alabama cities and towns. The mayor is the chief executive officer of the municipality and has general supervision and control over all other officers and affairs of the city or town. There are two variations of the mayor-council form of government:

In Municipalities with less than 12,000 in population, the legislative functions are exercised by the council which is generally composed of the mayor and five council members. (Up to seven council members are permitted in municipalities which are districted.) The mayor presides over all deliberations of the council. At his or her discretion, the mayor may vote as a member of the council on any issue coming to a vote except in the case of a tie vote, in which event he or she must vote. The mayor may never vote more than once on any issue that comes before the council. All of the legislative powers of the municipality are exercised by the council acting as a whole.

The Town Council meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Stagecoach Tavern.

Mooresville Town Council
Mayor – Nikki Sprader Email 256-445-2590
Place 1 – Travis Hensley Email 256-584-3717
Place 2 – Chris Smith Email 256-616-9970
Place 3 - Margaret-Anne Crumlish Email 256-509-0422
Place 4 – Leann Barr Email 205-915-5916
Place 5 – Rush Mitchell Email 256-655-0694
Clerk –  Joelle Ward Email 703-999-8298


Pictured, left to right: Chris Smith, Rush Mitchell, Nikki Sprader, Leann Barr, Margaret-Anne Crumlish, & Travis Hensley

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